Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ch 12 Can you be engaged without an engagement ring? I don’t like rings – they highlight my short, stubby fingers and my short, stubby fingernails

Primo: Don’t you want an engagement ring?

Me: No. I don’t like wearing rings.

Primo: But – we are engaged.

Me: I guess. We just bought a house together and I wouldn’t do that if I weren’t going to marry you. But you have never officially proposed. We just kind of agreed we would get married.

Primo: Don’t we need a ring to make it official?

Me: Really? I would rather take a really nice trip to Paris than have a diamond.

Primo: We need to do something to make it official.

Me: You mean more than buy a house?

Primo: Yes.

Me: OK. You know what I want? I want a really nice trash can.

Primo: A trash can? Are you kidding?

Me: No! I hate your stupid trash can. I hate that I have to press a control on the top to open it and that it’s so short so I have to bend over and peeling onions into it is a pain in the neck. My trash can is old and I don’t want either one of them to move into the house with us.

Primo: Then what do you want?

Me: I want that nice tall stainless steel Simple Human one with a foot control for the lid.

Primo: A trash can.

Me: Yes.

Primo: Let me look. What?! It’s sixty dollars! For a trash can!

Me: You were willing to pay thousands of dollars for a ring that serves no practical purpose but won’t spend sixty dollars on a trash can?

Primo: Can I at least see if it goes on sale?

Me: Fine.

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