Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ch 12 I lose my job, which stinks, but I guess the timing could have been worse because at least I can get on Primo’s insurance as his domestic partner

So there is that. I just got laid off. Nice.

PS Being laid off stinks more than I can describe, so I won’t even try. But it is horrible. At least I got a very nice severance package and will be able to find another job. I feel really bad for the people who get laid off because the steel mill or the mine in their town closes and there is no other place to work. I am lucky.

PPS Now the question is do I look for a new job right away or do I wait until after the wedding? Primo thinks I should just wait until after the wedding – actually, he thinks I should take some time off, but he is an engineer who can find a new job in about two seconds. I am an English major and my job searches can take months.

PPS At least when we applied for the mortgage, I still had an income. Plus I had almost paid off my little house and had enough money from the sale of that for a 50% down payment of our new house.


  1. Layoffs do suck! I've been through two. I'm glad you're frugal and sensible, that probably made it a lot less scary. And I know you found a good job. (I did too, eventually!)

  2. Oh &#@^(#!*#!!! Sorry to hear it, Goldie, but I'm glad you're in an OK place with it.

    I'd say start looking now, because as you point out, job searches can take months. Even if you could find a job right away, if you're that in demand you should take your time and find a place that's a really good fit, right? A lot of people have learned that one the hard way!