Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ch 12 We set a date because now there is a financial benefit to getting married, unlike before, when we would have been married filing joint with two incomes

Me: I guess we need to get married.

Primo: Why the rush?

Me: None, really, except we will be better off with income taxes if we file as married. But only because I have no income now.

Primo: So by the end of the year.

Me: Yes. I talked to Jenny. Her schedule is made three months in advance. She has no free time until September, but we need to give her a date pretty soon.

Primo: What about your brother?

Me: Self-employed – can come whenever.

Primo: Your mom?

Me: Retired! Just like your mom and dad! There are no reasons they can’t come on the date we choose. My sister is the only one we need to check with. I’ll check with the church for some free dates, find out which of those work for Jenny, and fini.

Primo: What about Ted and Jack and Stephanie?

Me: I didn’t think we were inviting them. But if they want to come, fine, I guess, but I don’t think we should set the date with their schedules in mind. I mean, I would love for Stephanie and the kids to come, but I know they can’t. Stephanie already told me – the kids are back in school and she doesn’t have the money to come. 

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