Monday, January 7, 2013

Aidez moi

Hi you guys -

I don't have a lot of time to promote this blog, now that I am working in the corporate salt mines every day again. At my old job, I blogged at work, but I had been there for years and knew everyone and got stuff done and worked 11 hours a day, etc, so there you go. Now, I am the new person and treading very cautiously (even though IT is completely understaffed and I probably wouldn't be found out - still, I would feel guilty).

Anyhow, I want to ask all of you regular readers a favor. Would you each tell one or two friends who might like this blog (if you know anyone who has in-law drama, which I hope you don't, for their sake) about this blog? I would like to get the readership up here as part of my long-term plan to turn the in-law drama and eventually, the political story, into novels that will become bestsellers that will let me go on Oprah and get a free pair of Frette sheets and let Primo quit his job to become a full-time revolutionary.

OK. He's not going to become a revolutionary. Blesshisheart. But after almost 30 years of being an engineer, he wants to do something different and we sure can't afford that on my salary. My salary barely buys used Ferragamos on ebay.


  1. Will certainly pass the link on to a few friends. I fully support your long-term plan of becoming a bestselling novelist, only if I get to be in the audience for your Oprah episode.

    1. Ms M, absolutely! We'll go on there together - all of us here! - and we'll all get the fancy sheets!