Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tuesday June 26 More about the job offer

I spoke to the HR person about the job offer. Both the hiring manager and the managing director have emailed me to tell me how much they want me to come work there. That is really flattering - I have never had that happen before. The hiring manager wrote, "With your knowledge, skill, and experience, you will be an excellent addition to [the company.]"

What's not to like about that?

They are even close on the vacation time: 17 days of PTO. I asked for 24, to match Primo.

The money, however, stinks, stinks, stinks. I didn't give them my salary history because I am so embarrassed to be taking such a huge pay cut. Although it's really not a pay cut if you're not being paid, is it? I should be grateful - and I am - that someone actually wants me in this environment.

I told Primo that if he quits his job, I want him to spend a day cleaning out all the crap in his office: the 12 year old training manuals from his job, the books he has never read and never will, the random stacks of coupons. Clean out as in throw away, not as in move to the basement. His campaign junk is already taking over the guest room and the dining room. If he quits, he cannot complain that he doesn't have time to do such things.

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