Saturday, January 12, 2013

Monday July 2 Job acceptance, odd questions on survey

1. I finally came to an agreement with my future employer. Plan is to start next Monday. I am going to lose my freedom. Primo better win.

I took my drug test. I guess this means I'll have to stop doing heroin.

2. Primo got a survey from some union. They want to know what his religion is and who my employer is. I want to know why any of this information is relevant.

For what it's worth, Primo is a baptized Presbyterian but is in real life agnostic at best. I thought we didn't have religious tests for office any more.

As far as my employer, it's none of the union's business, either. I don't need my job jeopardized because Primo is running. I don't want my employer involved in any way. Indeed, I have not mentioned to them that Primo is running. In my cover letters and in my interviews, I have just said that my husband is contemplating a career change that would lead to a significant reduction in income, which was why I was looking for a job.

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