Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saturday June 30 No word from the potential employer and our plans get changed AGAIN

1. I emailed the HR lady at Company A on Thursday afternoon to ask if she would have answers to my questions by Friday so I could meet my deadline of giving them an answer about the job on Friday. She wrote that she would email me on Friday - that she was waiting on some approvals - and then she did not email me. Which ticked me off. Because all she had to do was write, "I'm afraid I still don't have the approvals because Big Boss is out of the office, but I expect to have everything resolved by Monday."

2. Seth the crazy political kid posted on Primo's facebook page: "Did you get the check from my PAC?" Now Primo has to figure out how to deal with him. He was just going to not cash the check, but that is probably not going to solve the overall problem of not wanting to be associated with Seth.

3. Since it looks like we are going to lose our good health insurance and get crummy health insurance instead - although in principle I support high-deductible plans because they reduce over-utilization but I am not an over-utilizer so I want the Good Insurance, I got my mammogram and have asked Primo to take care of anything he might need, like a tetanus shot and his dental cleaning. I went to my doc for a physical and I have ordered a new pair of glasses. I don't want any benefit to go unused.

4. Primo and I went to the music fest again last night. We planned to go today to some 10:00 p.m. shows, which is later than I like to be out because I am a boring person who likes my sleep, but where else do you have the chance to see Three Dog Night, ZZ Top, and the Red Hot Chili Pipers all within 15 minutes of each other? And with free tickets?

So we were going to go. And we have a groupon for a Turkish restaurant that expires soon, so we were going to eat at the restaurant, which is half a mile from the festival grounds, then walk over to the festival. Efficient.


Samantha called. She is having a cocktail party for her other candidate. (Yes, she is managing two campaigns.) The party is tonight. She called yesterday. Primo just mentioned it to me now. He wants to go to the party because it will be a good move politically.

Of course it is a good move politically.

But are we supposed to drop everything any time there is a political opportunity?

I am ticked.

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