Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thursday June 28 More mail, more job stuff, how to divide the labor, going to the music festival

1. Primo and I wore his "Primo for State House" t-shirts to our tennis class and then to the music festival last night. I thought it would be a great marketing opportunity, but then realized that flashing his name to a bunch of overheated, falling-down, vomiting into their beer drunks might not be as fruitful as we thought.

2. Primo has gotten more surveys: ACLU and a bunch more that he cannot remember, even though he never forgets things.

3. I am waiting to hear back from Company A - the company that has offered me a job. Is that Company A? I have asked for more vacation days and a signing bonus to cover the premium for the cobra for the health insurance from Primo's company - there is a long waiting period to get on the insurance at Company A, which is odd because it's not a high-turnover place. [I have since discovered that yes, it is! People don't stick around for low pay and crummy benefits when they have options.] I also need two weeks off at the end of the month and time for my sister's wedding, TBA. I told them I wouldn't expect to be paid for the time, but that we planned this vacation last year.

4. Nothing from Company B, where I had the interview yesterday. And you know what? I'm cool with that. After meeting people from both companies and hearing about what the job would be, I have decided that I would prefer working at Company A. I would prefer the easy commute, free parking, casual dress code, and probably immediate insurance at Company B, but the work at Company A is what I want. The pay stinks (although it is more than I am making now), but the work will be fine.

5. Primo talked to his former boss about taking a leave of absence and former boss didn't want to lose Primo. Primo then emailed current boss to ask him about taking a leave - in his usual style, Primo wrote about 20,000 words to say, "I'm running for office. Even though it's great working here, I would like to take a leave."

His boss replied with a lovely note that said the company really likes Primo and wants to work something out. Ten years of long hours, conference calls at midnight, lots of travel, and excellent work are paying off.

6. I made a ricotta cheesecake with ricotta I got from the bargain counter. Primo doesn't like it. Because I am of the Tribe of We Who Do Not Waste, I will be eating cheesecake for a while.

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