Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thursday Oct 4 Primo runs into another jerk while he is doing doors‏

Primo: I talked to another jerk today.

Me: What happened?

Primo: I was talking to the wife. She was really nice. She said that maybe I should talk to her husband, too. So I was expecting someone nice like her. But when he came to the door, he started arguing with me. He asked me how I felt about Obama and about Romney. I said I didn't really like either one of them.

That is true. Primo thinks Obama has not done a very good job but he doesn't care for Romney, either. We are worried about associating too much with one candidate and are trying to figure out the yard sign strategy. "I don't want my signs just with the Polka Dot candidate," Primo said. "The ideal situation would be a yard with an Obama sign and mine and then a yard down the street with a Romeny sign and mine."

Primo: Then he said, "The real problem with politics is that there are too many lawyers. And engineers."

Me: He thinks that there are too many engineers? In politics?

I want to know who the other engineers are.

Primo: I know! Most people like that I'm an engineer. To them, it means an impartial problem solver.

Me: Fact based. Engineers make decisions based on fact.

Primo: Exactly. But he said that engineers are "Self-appointed intellectual elites."

Me: I thought that the self-appointed intellectual elites were the college professors like your dad.

Primo: I think some people just like to be jerks.

Me: What did you do?

Primo: I finally said that I needed to be moving on. He said that he wanted to talk some more. I just said, "It was nice to meet you, sir. Have a nice day." Then he had to get in a parting shot. He said, "I'll bet it wasn't so nice to meet me."

Me: What a jerk.

Primo: Yep.

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