Friday, March 15, 2013

Wednesday Oct 3 Primo gets his yard signs‏

On the phone as I am walking home from the bus stop.

Primo: There's a surprise for you at home!

Me: Cool! 

I'm thinking flowers, kitty litter changed without my involvement, appointment made for furnace repair, takeout goodies sitting in the microwave - never on the counter because the cats are excellent hunters of kitchen food. I'm thinking something that benefits me.

Primo: I got my signs!

Me: So? 

I'm still thinking surprise = something I will care about.

Primo: So I put one up in our yard!

Me: Is that the surprise?

Primo: Yes!

Me: Oh. So it's not a surprise that's good for me at all.

Primo: Well, I suppose not.


  1. If this is Primo's idea of a surprise,I'd hate to see his idea of a disappointment.

    1. I wish his idea of surprise was, "I won a free trip to Paris! We leave on Saturday!"