Monday, March 11, 2013

Thursday Sept 27 Primo the micromanager strikes again

Primo: I need to tell you how to do the postcards.

Me: I thought you already decided on the criteria.

Primo: But we have to talk about it.

Me: We did talk about it. You finally came up with the criteria - that I would send a postcard to anyone you had spoken to.

Primo: But then I was thinking about it. I was thinking that it would be a good time to do some data entry, as well.

Me: No.

Primo: There's no point in going through the voter sheets more than once.

Me: No.

Primo: We need to talk about process.

Me: No. We don't. You need to give me an objective and then let me decide how to accomplish it.

Primo: No, I need to tell you how to do it.

Me: Not if you want me to do it.

Primo: But we have to discuss this!

Me: No! Just tell me what you want accomplished! I am not an idiot!

Primo: It makes no sense to go through the sheets more than once.

Me: If I am addressing postcards, I don't want to switch between writing something by hand and then keying in data.

Primo: But then you're wasting time.

Me: Let me tell you how to manage. You give me an objective. I decide how to get there. Otherwise, I'm not doing it.


  1. Aaaa..rrrrr...gghhh! I need to run upstairs and punch a pillow.

  2. I've calmed down now. You're the last person who needs to be micro-managed. If he had micro-managed Samantha to this degree we all wouldn't be wondering where that $7K went!

    1. I am still kicking myself for not being pickier before Primo signed the contract. I am really kicking myself for not looking for a book on how to run a campaign!

      And now I want to throw up, thinking about the money.

    2. You could write the book on how to run a campaign.

  3. I'm glad they let you blog from prison. (Was it ruled manslaughter or justifiable homicide?)

    1. Justifiable homicide. The jurors all agreed they would have done the same.

      Prison isn't too bad. At least I don't have to talk about politics here.