Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thursday Oct 4 Working with volunteers‏

I have been nagging at Primo for weeks to let me contact the people who said they would volunteer for him. We need help. He is too proud to ask for help and he is a micromanager, which makes the whole thing more complicated.

But I finally convinced him. I emailed about a dozen people yesterday - people who had said they would love to help on the campaign, and heard back from one of them. Which is about what I expected. People have limited time and although it sounds good in theory to help a candidate campaign, reality intrudes. But I'll take what I can get. 

I am less sympathetic to a friend who approached me. I didn't ask her. She asked if she could volunteer on the campaign. She is an ardent Polka Dot and really, really wants Primo to be elected. What can she do? How can she help?

This was last week.

I emailed her two days ago. "Can you address postcards?" I asked. "Could you deliver yard signs? We really need help with those things."


Radio silence.

It's fine not to want to volunteer, but don't come to me telling me how much you care about Primo's campaign and offering to help only to blow me off.


  1. It hadn't really occurred to me before, but both of you are learning way too much about human nature from this campaign. I think I admire your willingness to give it a try. i think?!

  2. Disappointing. I think people find it easier to ignore or "forget" emails and texts than they do a more direct method like speaking directly to them.