Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ch 6 Sly and Doris let themselves be talked into going to Stephanie's for Thanksgiving because spending Thanksgiving with your family is such a burden (not that I would want to spend it with Sly and Doris, but Stephanie is nice)

Primo: My parents have let themselves be talked into having Thanksgiving at Stephanie's.

Me: What do you mean, "talked into?"

Primo: They're going to Stephanie's for Thanksgiving.

Me: They don’t want to spend Thanksgiving with their grandchildren? The grandchildren they were complaining about not seeing enough?

Primo: I guess not.

Me: They would rather prepare a Thanksgiving meal – even if it’s not fancy – by themselves?

Primo: I guess so.

Me: Except with your mom’s wrist and your dad’s shoulder, they really can’t do much. So it would just be pizza or something like that.

Primo: Yep.

Me: They think they are doing Stephanie a favor by going to her house for Thanksgiving?

Primo: Apparently. They think they are doing the kids a favor.

Me: Because the kids really want to be with them? Do they not remember what Jack told them when he was drugged?

Primo: Oh yeah. Maybe they could take them to another lecture on global warming.

Me: That’s what would make Thanksgiving great for me.

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