Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunday June 25 The job offer

I am going to get a job offer from the place where I had the interview on Friday. Oh wait. Did I not mention that? I had a phone interview with Company A on Thursday and an in-person interview with Company B on Friday.

Company A is three miles from our house. Free parking. New company, growing quickly. Pays at least 20% more than Company B.

Company B would be really interesting work, but it's downtown and I don't know if parking is part of the deal. The pay is less than half of what I was making before I was laid off six years ago. It's less than I made in 1997 as an entry-level financial analyst.

It is not very much money.

It is enough for us to live on, but not enough for us to travel on or get a new roof on or save for retirement on.

It would be good only as part one of two incomes.

I am happy that someone finally wants me, but depressed at the thought that I am such a bargain and even more depressed at the idea of losing my freedom.

But I guess it's only fair.

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