Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friday August 24 Primo goes to a party and I enjoy the time alone

Me: What do you have going this weekeed?

Primo: Tomorrow, I'll do doors. Tomorrow night, there is a big party celebrating the primary results.

Me: Have a good time. I'll get some movies from the library.

Primo: You don't want to spend hours with me around Polka Dots who are giddy with victory?

Me: It sounds so great. Just how I want to spend my very limited free time.


  1. Those Polka Dots love kicking their heels up, don't they? At least treat yourself to some popcorn.

    1. Oh man. There are parties all the time. And all the PD smokers go out behind the building so other PDs can't see them smoke. Or at least their voters can't see them smoke. I just roll my eyes.