Friday, February 22, 2013

Wed Aug 29 Primo crashes my book club meeting

I was actually kind of impressed with Primo. It's hard for him to be assertive about this campaign. He is not a timid person, but he doesn't like to go where he's not introduced or maybe not wanted. Remember the first time we tried to campaign? At the Mothers Day Breakfast? When he didn't want to talk to anyone?

He's come a long way.

He dropped me off at book club tonight because I was late (it's only four blocks from the house). As we pulled up to the curb, he noticed the car parking ahead of us. It was loaded with Polka Dot bumper stickers.

He stopped the car. Got out.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

He gestured toward the car. "My people. Would you introduce me?"

Oh! I understood. "Sure." We walked up to the car. Out got Sabine.

"She's out of the district," I announced to Primo. I started to turn away, then realized I was being very rude.

"Sabine, this is my husband, Primo, who is running for the state house. Primo, this is Sabine. She lives out of the district. Her daughter in law runs the book club, which is why she drives here."

Sabine nodded. "I don't live in this neighborhood."

Primo gestured to the house. "But I've met your friend who's hosting, right?"

I nodded. "She signed your nominating petition. She's the one who said she'll sign anyone's petition."

"Is it OK if I say hi to her?"

I shrugged. "Sure. She's a big time Polka Dot."

He followed me into the house. The rest of book club was there. "Ladies," I said, "you've met my husband Primo before. He's running for the assembly. If you vote for Polka Dots, vote for him in November."

Mary Jo chimed in. "Even if you usually don't vote for Polka Dots, vote for him!"

Then she and Primo put their heads together and had deep Polka Dot chat. After a few minutes, he left.

A minute later, he popped back into the house. "I brought some flyers!" he announced. He passed them out. I grabbed his cute butt and pushed him away. But I was proud of him.