Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saturday Aug 25 Primo asks me to play politician's wife

Primo [after we have had a big argument over 1. whether Lousiville Slugger should be liable for the injuries suffered when a kid got hit by a ball hit by one of their bats and 2. abortion, which I hate talking about with anyone because it is such an emotional issue AND NOBODY EVER CHANGES THEIR MIND ANYHOW]: Will you go to the neighborhood picnic with me tonight?

Me: Oh man! You know I hate that stuff!

Primo: Please?

Me: I wanted to do my own thing tonight.

Primo: And tomorrow, would you help me do doors? You did promise me 20 hours. And I really want to get as many flyers out about my fundraiser next week as possible.

Me: Does the picnic count toward my hours?

Primo: No. You said 20 hours of doors specificially.

Me: OK, but here's the deal and this was already the deal! If I am going to do political things with you, I do not want to talk about politics at home! None! NO POLITICS! You already promised.

Primo: I thought you might have forgotten.

Me: The only good thing about having a job is NOBODY TALKS ABOUT POLITICS AT WORK!


  1. Sounds intriguing. Going back to your Nov 2012 post about his wanting to "get into politics" and being "obessive about politics" and you having different politics, how is this going to work? I am a wee bit obsessive about politicians...the bad ones. I would be a terrible political wife because I'd always have something to say and not always diplomatically.

    Good luck with this.

    1. California Girl, I bit my lip A LOT. I was able to honestly tell people that I thought Primo would be a hard-working, honest representative and that he would be compelled to work across the aisle because he is married to across the aisle.

      But it was not easy.