Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saturday Aug 25 Primo tries to talk to Harold, the former state rep, again

Remember Harold? The guy who used to be the state representative for this area but who didn't run this election because he was a sissy? The one who was dismissive to Primo a few weeks ago because Primo had worked for Harold's opponent - also a Polka Dot - during the campaign for the county seat that Harold won.

Harold, btw, is not his real name. I am not a fool.

Well. Primo is gutsier than I am. Primo wants Harold to come to his fundraiser/campaign launch party this week and he wants Harold's endorsement. So he knocked on Harold's door again.

Harold wasn't home, so Primo left him a note and a flyer for the fundraiser.

"What if he ignores you again?" I asked.

"Who's he going to endorse?" Primo asked. "My opponent? It will look really bad for him if he refuses to endorse me. He needs to do what's good for the party."

We'll see how much ego Harold has. I don't think he cares about what's good for the party. He just doesn't want to look bad if Primo wins.


  1. I think Harold sounds like a smug, lazy, self-serving ingrate. I expect him to do as little as possible - or nothing.

    1. And you would be correct on that. He did nothing. Is still doing nothing.

      (Primo met someone the other night who had voted for Harold in the primary, even though the voter is not in Harold's party. His explanation was that Harold appeared to be kind of lazy and do nothing and he'd rather have a do-nothing PD in government than an active one.)