Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thursday Aug 30 Primo gets a $500 contribution‏

I called Primo at lunch, which is what I do every day I'm at work, because he's asleep when I leave every morning and gone when I get home. It's the only time I get to talk to him when it's convenient for me. Otherwise, he wants to keep me up late, which is not so doable now that my alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m.

He was elated. "I just got a $500 campaign contribution! Samantha wanted me to start doing doors today at 11:30 - she told me this at the last minute, but I ignored her. I've decided if she wants me to do something, she has to give me more than one hour notice. So I callled some old college friends and got this guy!"

"Who?" I asked.

"Rajiv! He's been following my campaign on facebook. I didn't even have to ask - he just said, 'What's the limit in your state?' He's going to send a check for $500!"

"And his wife can give $500 as well," I reminded him.


  1. Are Samantha's services free? I really don't like her.You would be so much better at this. Kick her to the kerb.

    1. Nope. Far from free. We made a big mistake hiring her. We thought she would actually work, like she did for the judicial candidate Primo volunteered for.

    2. I know I'm coming to this late & you may not see this (plus, it's irrelevant now), but even with a contract, it seems like Samantha needs to actually work. There has to be something in the contract that requires work from her, as well as requiring you to pay her. It really irks me that you & Primo paid her your hard-earned money, & she didn't work hard for Primo.

    3. Oh Jkb, I get soooooo angry when I think about Samantha. Mostly at her but also at myself for not being on top of it. She tried to friend me on facebook and I was like, Are you KIDDING me?

      Her husband divorced her, though, and her name is mud in this town. People learned what she is like.

      I still want my money back.