Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thursday Aug 30 Asking friends for money

First, I want to say I am overwhelmed at the generosity of the friends who have donated to Primo's campaign. Primo asked several of them for money - feeling sick to his stomach the whole time - but others have just offered. I asked several of our friends to come to the campaign launch party. "I'm not asking you for money," I explained, "but I really want there to be people at the event!"

They came. They wrote checks. They were so generous.

My friend L. emailed me to ask if it was OK for Primo to accept out of state funding. Yes, it is. She and her husband sent a check for $100.

I asked our friend Susan, who is the mayor of her small town, for campaign advice. She wrote back - "I'll send money. It looks good for the campaign to have a lot of donors." Primo had said that - he said that's how the Big Dogs with Lots of Money decide where to donate. If a candidate can get a lot of support, even with small donations, then they figure he's worth a look.

As soon as Primo posted the contribution link on facebook, two good friends gave $500 each.

We are blessed to have friends like that.

Which means it shouldn't be so nerve-wracking (racking?) to ask our friends to donate. We are for sure not approaching anyone who is ideologically opposed. Friendship goes only so far. It would be way to much to expect someone to fund the campaign of a person he does not agree with. (Which is why I want Primo to win but no other Polka Dots! I don't want the PDs to have the majority.)

But still, it's hard. Samantha told Primo he is supposed to call everyone he knows. Everyone.

"Call your half brother Ted," I said. "Lord knows he's gotten enough money from your mom and dad."

"Oh yeah, I'm calling him," Primo said.

I had posted something on facebook that yielded no results, which isn't surprising as people like to be asked personally. But then I feel as if I am imposing on the friendship. And I don't want to put anyone in an awkward position - what if they don't want to give? What if they don't have the money or are just philosophically opposed to giving to candidates? How can I know?

What I wanted to put on FB was this: "Remember all the times we have supported your 10K/marathon/cookie sale? Remember all the baby presents we have sent? The graduation presents? We will never ask you for any of that. Never. But a campaign contribution would be nice."

Of course I did not, because that would have been RUDE and PETTY. And I haven't tried asking people directly to donate. I bet they will. I bet they will if I just ask. We have that kind of friends. I am not giving people enough credit.


  1. Let's see how much "credit" they donate - just bear in mind that a sizeable portion of people are quite mean and never think about all the generous things you've done for them. They simply think they're entitled to your hard-earned cash.

    1. SK, most of our friends were very generous. The ones who didn't donate - well, what can I say? I am hoping they just didn't see my FB announcement.