Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tuesday Aug 7 I'm tired and Primo threatens to get a girlfriend, which is fine with me

Primo: So are we going to [wxyz]?

Me: It's late! I have to get up for work at 6.

Primo: So?

Me: Too late. I'm sleepy. It looks like our love life is going to become another casualty of your campaign.

Primo: Maybe I'll just have to get a political girlfriend.

Me: What? You think there are other people who want to stay up all night like you?

Primo: Politics is full of party people.

Me: Fine.

Primo: Or I can just have someone come over during the day while you're at work.

Me: If she'll clean the bathroom, make the bed, wash the kitchen floor, and make supper when you guys are done, I'm OK with it. As long as she does all the work around here, she can have the [wxyz].


  1. Ha! I think a lot of working women would be OK with that!

    1. I think its called a "wife". Have wanted o one for years. But, i thought Primo already had a campaign wife. Cant she help out some?

    2. Webb, the Campaign Wife didn't even run his campaign!