Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday Oct 29 Karaoke cuties‏

Our friend Christina came to the karaoke fundraiser. She's actually Primo's bar friend/nighttime wife. She was one of the first to arrive. Shortly thereafter, another candidate, Brad, showed up. 

Christina is 30 years old. She has long black hair. Big brown eyes. She models on the side, but works in finance during the day. Sharp cookie, pretty, nice as can be.

Brad went straight for Christina. 

I didn't figure out what was going on right away so I interfered.

"Are you one of Primo's karaoke friends? Or are you a political friend?" he asked her.

She was slow to answer and I thought he really wanted the information, not just an excuse to talk to her, so I interjected. "She's apolitical, but has been helping anyhow."

His head didn't even swivel my way.

Oh right! I thought. For dumb! Unmarried man + pretty unmarried woman = no interest in third party.

I smiled, turned away, and thanked God I am no longer single. Not that I had men making a beeline for me, but dang, the anxiety. And at least now I could think, "He's ignoring me because I'm married, not because I am unappealing."

Who knows what will happen with them? I tried to set Christina up with this super nice, intelligent, interesting man at work, but she turned me down. I'm not sure if she's interested in stable and marriageable at this stage.

Brad and Christina sang a few duets together. I didn't see him ask for her number, but he did ask if she was facebook friends with Primo. Maybe that's the new ask.

Brad posted a comment on Primo's event page saying that Christina was a fabulous singer. I wonder if he counts that as making a move. I don't.



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  1. You see? Men will ALWAYS find time to show interest in a pretty woman.