Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday Oct 29 Ted's critical, unsolicited email to Primo

And this is the very useful email from Primo's half brother Ted, whose other useful advice to date was to refer Primo to a political friend of his in DC who was supposed to plug Primo in and give him all kinds of great advice.

The DC friend's advice?

Advertise on facebook!

For that, Primo wasted 20 minutes on the phone?

The email, which Ted sent after watching the news clip with Primo and the political reporter.

you could have made much more hay with your position on this. when in the public eye, one must be ready for immediate media engagement/attack.

practice, rehearse your response. never say "um" or "but" on camera.

you are very smart to engage the voters by insinuating that you're independent. however, tactically, you need a strong follow-up response, e.g., a planned, on-camera recording from dems and reps attesting to your bi-partisanship. bi-partisanhood. in your hood.

ok, you understand.

again, bravo for you getting out there and getting it done.

don't hike your pants up so high over your hips. looks gooberish.

love ted

What a loser. And Primo does not hike his pants high over his hips.

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  1. But he signs off 'love ted'so that's alright then. Is he allergic to capital letters?