Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday Oct 29 Mean people at the karaoke fundraiser

So we were all having fun and Primo sang and after he sang, these two guys at the bar - who had been at the bar for a while - called him over to tell him he was in the wrong profession and that he needed to sing professionally.

Then I sang and I was finally warmed up, so I didn't sound too awful on "You're No Good" and "Wedding Bell Blues." The same two guys called me over and told me I sang really well, which I took as evidence that they were pretty drunk, because I am not good.

Then I took some of Primo's campaign literature over to them. Primo had been talking to them and they  had heard his little political speech, so they knew what was going on.

I handed the piece to Guy #1. He asked what party Primo is. As I handed the literature to Guy #2, I answered. "He's running as a Polka Dot."

Guy #2 lifted his hand and let the literature drop from his fingers to the floor.

"I hate Polka Dots,"  he said.

"He's married to a Stripe," I told him. "I'm his wife."

Guy #1 looked at me. "Shame on you!" he said. "Shame on you!"

I was confused. "He's a Polka Dot, I'm a Stripe."

His face got red. "I heard what you said! Shame on you!"

I was really confused. "Why?"

You can tell I am not used to being around drunks. I was actually trying to reason with them.

Shame on me.

"You're a Stripe? Shame on you!"

Guy #2 was shaking his head. "I hate Polka Dots. I wouldn't vote for a Polka Dot if my life depended on it."

Guy #1 continued to glare at me. I finally figured out that he didn't like me because I was a Stripe and Guy #2 didn't like Primo because he was a Polka Dot.

Yet they were drinking together.

I continued to blunder along. "But aren't you two friends?" I asked. "You're a Polka Dot and you're a Stripe but you're friends."

"Don't try to get between us!" Guy #1 bellowed.

I finally realized I was 1. being an idiot and 2. wasting my time.

I bent over, picked up the dropped lit piece, and said, "You guys have a nice evening."

Guy #2 muttered into his beer as I walked away. "I hate Polka Dots!" Guy #1 glared at me and yelled something that I couldn't hear and decided to ignore.''



  1. I'm still laughing at your song choices! I hope Primo didn't read to much into it. Ha! Those 2 guys were just drunk idiots.