Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunday Nov 4 We are weary and we are cranky

I shudder to think what the mood around here will be if Primo loses. We are both tense and snappish and crabby already and that's with the possibility that he will win. If we have the certainty that he has lost, after all we have gone through, we will be sad indeed. And no, it will not help that we knew all that going in.

Primo ran into another county party guy who was doing doors for the PD presidential candidate. The guy had a flyer promoting the PD candidates for president and senator and also for congressman - only they had the wrong congressional candidate listed. Idiots. The person they listed is not in this district. Is it that hard to check your material before you start canvassing?

Primo was annoyed - and rightfully so, I think, that once again, this piece of campaign material made no mention of him and his race.

"I get emails all the time asking me to donate to the party to support their entire slate of candidates, but then they don't do anything for me," he grumbled. "They would be happy to take my money, but they don't want to give me any support. I'm so fed up with them right now. If I had this to do over, I would run as an independent. Maybe I'll tell them what I think about them after the election."

I would love to see that.

One of the reasons Primo has been cranky is because he spent a lot of time volunteering on other campaigns instead of working on his own (I did tell him I thought that was a bad idea, but you never get to say "I told you so" when it really matters, or at least, you shouldn't) and now some of those people are not helping him and we are having a hard time finding volunteers. Lots of people say they'll help, but when you ask them for a specific time, they are not so interested.

So we were all worried that we would be the only ones working at the phone bank tomorrow night from 4 to 8, but then I baked a cake for our neighbors who have already helped and asked them if they would do more after I handed the cake to them. They said yes. Then I called two other people who have already helped a ton and begged them. They said yes.

The older lady who said she would help a few weeks ago, though, said she didn't think she could make it because she was so busy working on the PD presidential campaign, which made Primo fume. "How much difference does it make for someone in our district - suburban, well-educated professionals - to get a phone call telling them about the PD presidential candidate? Do they really think people don't know who's running for president?" [If they don't know by know, they are too stupid to vote is my opinion.] "The phone calls don't make a difference for him, but they would for me because I don't have millions of dollars in campaign contributions to fund ads!"

Oh he was annoyed.

So was I.

And then we feel guilty about being annoyed because these people are volunteers.

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