Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thursday Nov 1 We get a thank-you note from the green tomato pie lady

Remember the green tomato pie I made? And that I gave a piece to the people who had thrown out all the green tomatoes? And Primo came to the door to campaign while I was explaining who I was and why I was giving them pie?

Well. They dropped off a thank-you note today!

Here's what it says.

Goldy and Primo,

Thank you for the delicious green tomato pie that you made by salvaging the plant that we, shall we say, "retired" for the season.

It was such a lovely and gracious gesture for you to drop it off for us to sample. If ever there were a way to secure my vote, this pie may have cinched it...

But not on my weakness for sweets alone. It represents so much more: the kindness of our neighbors (why we love this town so much) and a demonstration of your commitment not to waste and a respect for the environment.

We're off to vote early now. Best to you both!

Julie and Eddie


  1. Wow! That should have improved your day!

  2. What a lovely Thank You! It's great to be appreciated.

  3. That is such a sweet note!