Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wednesday Oct 31 Ted backpedals on his email

Oh man. What a jerk. This is Ted's attempt to be nice. For the record, Primo dresses in khakis and a nice shirt when he does doors. For the TV segment, he wore navy blue slacks. Do you want your politicians to come to your door in ragged old jeans? I would like one who looks like he respects the process and thinks I am worthy of being groomed for.

what I meant to say in my last email was Keep Your Chin Up, but perhaps hike your pants down an inch or two. perhaps lose the button-down collar when canvassing, also. we common folk don't relate to the Brooks Brothers look.

just a thought (from an undefeated politician!)

proud of you for getting out there. also it's great that your wife and employer support this. that's perhaps even more important.

btw: man, your opponent sure is a Major Dickhead.



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  1. Jesus, he is OBSESSED with Primo's pants being too high. Remind him that Primo is not Simon Cowell. I love the Brooks Bros look.