Monday, July 10, 2017

Ch 5 Christmas day I get more of the Joan/Doris story from Primo

Me: I found the letter your mom and dad wrote to the editor – the one that made the neighbor so angry.

Primo: I never read it. Let me see.

Me: Here. What do you think?

Primo: Oh man. Yeah, I can see why Joan would be bothered. My mom told me that after the letter was printed, she saw Joan at the mailbox. Joan told my mom, “Doris, you know that I’m a conservative! I’m not ignorant! I’m not pig-headed! You and I have been friends for years! How can you say these things?”

Me: And?

Primo: My mom says she told Joan that she didn’t mean Joan, of course, but Joan is still upset.

Me: Um. Yeah. I can see that. Personal attacks tend to make people feel personally attacked.

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  1. Depending on how anonymous you'd like to stay on this blog, you may want to revisit the sentences you took from the letters to the editor. Google has a good memory and spits out names you may not want linked to this blog.
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