Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Chapter 6 Post-visit drama

Sly and Doris did not like the concert, which I should have anticipated because they don’t like anything

Me: Did your mom and dad like the concert?

Primo: No.

Me: Oh. I thought they would like it. You helped me choose it.

Primo: They said that the musicians were amateurs and just not up to par.

Me: Oh. Well, yeah, it was an amateur group, but you’re an amateur and you sing really well.

Primo: My parents don’t like anything.

Me: Do I get credit for trying?

Primo: Probably not.

Stephanie says I should stay with her and Primo laughs because that would start WWIII

Me: Stephanie says we should stay with her when we visit. She says she has more room than your mom and dad.

Primo: Plus she is a lot nicer than they are.

Me: I wasn’t going to say that part.

Primo: My mom and dad would be really insulted.

Me: But – they don’t want me around.

Primo: Yeah, but they want to be the ones to decide that. They would see it as a rejection of them if we stayed at Stephanie's.

Me: I could stay there by myself and you could stay at your mom and dad’s.

Primo: Oh yeah. That would go over well.

Sly sends a copy of their will to Primo and even though I am not a lawyer, I can read and I see that he is not in it         

Primo: My dad sent me a copy of their will.

Me: Why did he send it to you?

Primo: I’m not sure. I am supposed to be the executor.

Me: Whoa. That’s going to be a pain in the neck.

Primo: What do you mean? My dad says it’s an honor.

Me: Are you kidding? It’s a huge hassle. My friend’s parents paid her law school tuition and said that she could pay them back by being their executor. Her dad is a lawyer and a judge, so he knows what’s involved. May I read it?

Primo: Sure.

Me: Hey! Did you know you are not in the will?

Primo: What do you mean, I’m not in the will?

Me: I mean you are not in the will. All the money goes to the grandkids. The only way you get money is if the grandkids die before you do. It’s their money. They get to decide. If that’s what they want to do, it’s their decision. But it’s kind of weird that you would be the executor for a will where you do not benefit, don’t you think?

Primo: What? No, you must be wrong.

Me: I could be. I had a semester of business law in college and a semester of business law in grad school. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. But I am probably wrong.

Primo: I guess I need to talk to them.

Me: Yeah, I think so.

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