Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ch 5 Sunday I try to patch things up with Doris, even though I do not think I am the party at fault here

OK. I need to try harder. I do think that Sly and Doris are completely dysfunctional, but I am not going to fix them and Primo is stuck in the middle of it. I will make an effort to get them to like me and give them no ammunition to use against Primo.

If we can’t have an honest, open conversation about what was going on, I will have to win in other ways. God! WHY DON’T THEY LIKE ME?

“Doris,” I ask, “when I get back from the Y, would you like to work together in the garden? I can pull weeds for you if you want to direct.”

“Um,” she says as she looks at Sly. Why was she looking at him? For permission?

Sly shrugs.

“Sure!” she says.

I shoot a look at Primo. See? I am making an effort. I get credit for this.

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