Friday, July 7, 2017

Ch 5 They put us in the guest room together without – as far as I know – even discussing it with Primo and fine whatever I don’t care

Fine. If it makes them happy to believe they are the cool, hip parents and that I am a big prude, then fine. They can think that. This is no longer the hill I am going to die on. There are bound to be bigger issues. I have to pick my battles and this is no longer one of them, especially since my mother’s betrayal at Thanksgiving. Et tu, Brutus?

But I still think it is more about not wanting to clean the spare room. There is no principle involved. It is just laziness. Which you know what? That’s cool. People are allowed to be lazy. But own it. Don’t be all, “She’s just a prude and I cannot support that!” when it’s really just that you don’t want to clean.

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