Friday, July 7, 2017

Ch 5 We fly to Florida, rent a car, and are still optimistic – or maybe just stupid – so we don’t buy lunch on the drive to Sly and Doris’ house and I regret our stupid decision because really? This was completely foreseeable

We arrive at Sly and Doris’ to find that there is nothing for lunch, unless you count mushy white store bread and rancid generic peanut butter as lunch food, which I do not. White store bread is not my favorite, as it is a big fat waste of calories. Pure refined carbohydrates and it doesn’t even taste good.

But – I have nobody to blame but myself. I knew better. I knew. I should have insisted that we stop for lunch and food supplies on the drive from the airport. I cannot put this one on Sly and Doris, even if Doris did trick me by asking what I like to drink. I thought she had seen the error of their ways and was going to provide food.

I thought I did the right thing by making cheese and steak sandwiches to take with us on the plane, but it was not enough food to stave off the Visit Sly and Doris Headache. As soon as we cross the threshold chez Sly and Doris, I can feel the stabbing behind my eye. Correlation? Causation? Who knows? Does it matter? All I know is I have a headache. This stinks.

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