Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ch 5 Sunday Primo helps Sly clean out his office and finds a bunch of receipts for booze, which you would think most people would hide or throw away just out of shame (not that I would know anything about that kind of behavior, as I have never hidden the evidence that I ate an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting)

Primo: You know how you joke about my Leaning Tower of Visa?

Me: Yes. You probably don’t need to keep five years’ worth of receipts stacked behind your computer monitor.

Primo: Sometimes I need a receipt and I can always find it because I remember when I bought the thing.

Me: From five years ago?

Primo: It could happen.

Me: Right.

Primo: Anyhow, my dad has stacks and stacks of receipts for booze. For the big bottles.

Me: Maybe the big bottles are a better a deal.

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