Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ch 5 Sunday Sly tells Primo that his getting old plan is for Primo to take care of him and Doris, which makes perfect sense because we are homesteaders on the prairie with multiple generations huddled into one simple house working together for the survival of the group

Primo: I asked my dad what their plan is.

Me: For what?

Primo: For getting older and not being able to do things and to take care of themselves.

Me: Oh good! What is it?

Primo: He said, "Your mother and I plan to have you come down here at least twice a year to help us out."

Me: I knew it! I KNEW IT!

Primo: Yeah.

Me: That is not an acceptable solution. This is not the third world. You are not in charge of taking care of your parents when they are capable of doing it themselves.

Primo: But they don’t have anyone. That’s what they would say.

Me: They have themselves. They have plenty of money. How much did you say they invested in Jack's restaurant? A quarter million dollars? If they can lose $250,000 and still have a house, they have enough money. They don't get to make bad decisions about their retirement, like buying a house they can’t maintain, and expect you to bail them out. It is not acceptable for them to expect you to spend your limited vacation time and your money to do their chores. It is reasonable[1] for them to expect you to visit once a year, but your visits should be visits, not work sessions.

Primo: I know. I don’t know what they were thinking, but I have my own life.

[1] She writes with clenched teeth.


  1. Real names in title and paragraph mentioning restaurant?