Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ch 5 What Primo and I had planned to do during our visit

·         Tour the lighthouse
·         Go to the beach
·         Walk around the old town in the evening
·         Go to the beach
·         Go to the farmers market
·         Go to the beach
·         Go to the local history museum

·         Go to the beach


  1. Unintended use of real name?
    BTW, is that Hanalei Bay?

    1. OK. I give up! I am horrible at editing to change names! I write with real names so I can keep track of stuff but apparently, when I post, I am not so good at making the changes.

      And yes, that is Kaua'i! We went there the winter after Sly and Doris died. It was a far better way to spend a vacation than cleaning Sly and Doris' garage or cleaning out their house after their deaths.

      And I got to see my wonderful friend Brooke, who moved there two years ago and whose place was literally next door to the place we stayed. (Which was the stupid timeshare we own because Primo's ex-wife never took his name off the title after the divorce. Primo has finally taken care of getting the paperwork to give it to his stepdaughters, to whom it should belong.)