Friday, August 18, 2017

Ch 8 Comment that I am a narcissist who does not respect her elders (PS I have a lot more than 78 readers)

You guys, apparently I have hit a nerve. Maybe Sly and Doris have found this blog after all? 

A reader left this comment:

I have been reading your blog, and you sound like a drama queen with no respect for elders. You are a bit deranged, and on too many drugs. I'd say you are narcissistic.

And this one:

You are a mean , self centered person with no respect for elders. It is a nice gesture for his parents to give you gifts. Also, the fact that you want them to pay for your plane tickets to visit his own parents shows how selfish you are. No wonder you only have 78 readers.


  1. Some people don't believe this stuff until they experience it themselves.

    There is a fascinating site someone linked on captain awkward a couple weeks ago. I'm not estranged from my mother...yet...but a lot of the description was familiar. (attempts to control me, rewriting history, etc.)

    1. Whoa. I just read a few sentences and I can see this is going to be compelling stuff about people who think nothing is their fault!

      This one: During an argument with her teenaged daughter, a woman locks herself in the bathroom and attempts suicide by trying to cut her hand off. Years later, she blames her now-estranged daughter for the incident.

      Doris didn't actually attempt suicide (as far as I know), but she threatened it when Primo wouldn't do what she wanted.

    2. My mom doesn't do things that bad. It's more the frame of mind that I recognized. Nothing is ever her fault, when other people hurt or anger her in some way it's always because they were acting out of sheer malice, if I remember something differently from her I'm clearly lying, etc. Oh well.

  2. Clearly, the folks criticizing you have not been reading your blog for long! If they knew the WHOLE story. . . .

  3. Oh dear. You must be becoming very popular to elicit such weird criticism from people who look for any reason to say something unkind. Just the other day I was thinking that while I don't always agree with your conclusions (which is seldom), I do admire your honesty and willingness to question your own actions; I probably should have said so.

  4. I have been reading this blog for a long time and I agree with the critical comments. Goldie is smug, narcisstic and a real bitch. I feel sorry for Primo.