Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ch 8 We argue about how to do the trash and I refrain from pointing out that Primo’s trash obsession, although directed differently, might be as bad as Sly’s

Me: Stop mashing the trash into the trash can. It makes it really hard to get the bag out.

Primo: You got it out, right?

Me: Yes, but it's a pain in the neck.

Primo: But it's important to fit as much trash as possible.

Me: No, it's not. It costs what - one and a half cents a bag?

Primo: No! It's a lot more expensive!

Me: Three cents.

Primo: More than that. Five dollars a box, so maybe a dime a bag.

Me: Oh no. A fortune. It’s my money. I get to decide.

Primo: It adds up.

Me: Says the man who buys cookies at the store rather than making them himself. I think I can afford it.

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