Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ch 8 I mention to Stephanie that Primo and I are going to Pittsburgh but forget to tell her this in on the DL

Me: Hey girl!

Stephanie: Hi! ‘Sup?

Me: Primo and I are going to Pittsburgh.

Stephanie: Fun! Love that place!

Me: It’s for Pete’s dad’s funeral.

Stephanie: Sad. L Please give him my condolences. Never met him but P has talked about him so much I feel as if I do.

Me: OK. It will be fun except of course it’s a sad reason to go.

Stephanie: Didn’t S say nasty things about P’s dad? Both English professors. Not at same school.

Me: Yeah, Primo told me something. Sly said Pete’s dad was an intellectual lightweight—

Stephanie: all he cares about!

Me: I know! But he said that, even though Pete’s dad got his PhD at a better school and taught at a better school than Sly did!

Stephanie: Honestly. I do not get him.

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