Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ch 8 Primo does not tell Sly and Doris that we are going to the funeral of his best friend’s father because he is worried Sly and Doris will get upset, not because Mr. L died but because they think Primo should not be wasting his time on the funerals of people he actually knows and likes

Primo has known his best friend, Pete, since our freshman year of college. He has known Pete’s dad almost that long. I met Pete’s dad at Pete and Julie’s big New Year’s Eve party last year, which I did not write about here because there are no opportunities (thank goodness) for snark when you visit people you really like and spend all your time cooking and eating good food.

Like Sly, Mr L was a retired English professor and an avid reader, so I spent a lot of time with him at the party talking about books.

Just like Sly and me.


Pete’s father died.

When your best friend’s father dies, you go to the memorial service if you can.

Primo : Can you take a few days off work to go to the funeral with me? I have miles for the plane tickets, Pete will pick us up at the airport, and we will stay with them, so it won’t cost us anything

Me: Yeah, I think I can.

Primo : I don’t think I should tell my mom and dad that we are going. They got so upset when I didn’t want to go to my uncle’s funeral.

Me: Sometimes lying is the best strategy.

Primo : And it’s not really a lie, is it?

Me: Nope. It is revealing information on a need to know basis only. This is a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell issue.

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