Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ch 11 Sly reads Elizabeth Warren’s book and says his life was harder than hers

Stephanie, Primo, and I wash the dishes while Sly goes to the living room to watch TV. Washing dishes is out of scope for Sly.[1]

Sly: Primo, come out here! I want to talk to you.

Primo: I’m doing the dishes, Dad.

Sly: Don’t let Stephanie put anything in the dishwasher!

Stephanie (whispering): Because I don’t do it right!

Me: I know!

Sly: I read that book you sent me.

Primo: Which book was that, Dad?

Sly: The Elizabeth Warren memoir.

Primo: What did you think? I think she is amazing. I hope she runs for president.

Sly: She thinks she had a bad childhood, but my childhood was a lot worse than hers.

Me (whispering): The bride at every wedding?

Primo (whispering): The corpse at every funeral.

[1] See, “Women’s Work vs Important Men’s Work” and “Mr. Ultra Socialist Liberal Defines Women’s Work.” Yes, Primo is not a woman, but he also does not want to be around his dad.

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