Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ch 11 Sly says there is no room for the electronic frame and the baby photos of Primo and Nancy but Doris loves it and shows genuine enthusiasm, and I say that if she can show genuine enthusiasm, she is also capable of fake enthusiasm, PRIMO

I hold my breath, wondering what this year’s cast-iron cat and framed photo with the option of two frames will be.

Doris gives Primo cloth napkins. Both Primo and I use cloth napkins! We like cloth napkins! A useful present.

These napkins are hideous not to my taste, but they are from Crate and Barrel and she has included a gift receipt. Primo can exchange them and she will never know. This is a total win.

Primo handed his present to Doris. As she unwraps it, he says, “Mom, Goldie and I went through those photos you sent back with me and we scanned the best ones.”

He takes the box from her, opens it, and turns on the frame.

“Look!” he says. “It’s a frame! The photos are loaded in and the image changes! Most of our family photos are in boxes. This is a way for you to get to see a lot of different photos without taking up a lot of space.” He beams.

“Let me plug it in for you!” he says.

He turns it on. As the photos – Primo and Nancy as little kids, Nancy when she was healthy – cycle through, Doris smiles.

“There’s nowhere to put it,” Sly says. “We don’t have room.”


  1. Replies
    1. Me too. I'm just getting caught up on the story, and it makes me so angry and sad how horrible he was. Why was he so relentlessly nasty?

    2. When I am being charitable, I try to remember that Sly had a difficult childhood. His dad abandoned the family and he grew up poor. He watched his daughter die.

      But - none of that is an excuse to be mean to other people. So - then I have a hard time with it.

  2. Doris is happy! This cannot be tolerated!

    Did they end up displaying the frame, or was it shoved into a dusty closet?