Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Monday June 18 Junk mail, interviews, and heat

More junk mail today. Companies that make yard signs. Companies that make bumper stickers. And more candidate surveys. An invitation to attend a presentation on clean energy run by a - wait for it - solar panel manufacturer. One that still appears to be in business. Perhaps they decided the business model of manufacturing a unit for $6.29 per watt and selling it for $3.42 per watt wouldn't really work in the long run. Or maybe they didn't have any friends in the White House to give them a loan so they could burn through millions of dollars before someone who had run a lemonade stand in third grade noticed and said, "Hey you guys! You guys! THIS IS NOT A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODEL!"

I have a phone interview tomorrow. I had to take an aptitude test as part of my application for another company. The test took two hours and included word problems. Which I have not done since 8th grade. I KNOW how to figure these things out - Fire Truck #1 is pumping at the rate of 800 gallons/minute, FT#2 at 1,000. #1 starts at 9:20, #2 at 9:30. At what time will they have pumped the same amount?

I know how to do that!

800 (x+ 10) = 1,000x. Solve for x, add x to 9:20.

But I had a brain freeze! I couldn't do it! This is making me crazy. I haven't taken a timed test for so long and I need a job so desperately that I panicked. I am not a panicker. But I was when I was taking the test.

My only hope is that other people are far worse at this than I am.

And I had to turn on the A/C today because it's over 90 and humid. Honestly, if you have to run your heat all winter and have to shovel snow, shouldn't you be exempt from really hot summers?

Primo is still suffering at his mom and dad's house. His mom wants to ship her old winter clothes up here for me to sell. Not going to happen. All they have done while he is there is whine. That's how they roll.

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