Friday, January 4, 2013

Saturday June 23 I get stuck talking to the women at the BBQ fundraiser

As always, I was the designated first eater at the BBQ. Someone has to do it. I don't mind. Plus I was starving plus I knew Primo had just made a decent campaign contribution, so by golly, I wanted to eat. Primo was politicking, so I got myself a plate of ribs and beans and talked to the cook for a while. He was a handyman/cook who used to work at that famous BBQ place in Kansas City. It showed. His food was excellent.

Then I went in search of Primo. He was talking to the candidate's wife. He introduced us. She said nothing to get the conversation started, so I asked her a few questions. She mentioned her work, so I made the huge, huge mistake of asking her more about it.

She started talking. And talking. And would not shut up.

Some political big deal guys came over and started talking to Primo. I tried to listen to both conversations at once - the Big Deal Guys and Primo, because that's what I was really interested in, and the Political Wife, because it would be rude to blow her off.

Four minutes later, she was still talking and I was thinking to myself, Pay attention! Pay attention! She might ask you a question to make sure you've been listening!

Then I thought, That's just crazy. Nobody gives a pop quiz like that.

I am in desperate need of the ability to end a conversation without being rude. I was not that interested in her job. I had just asked to be polite.

I did not want to be stuck with the womenfolk! I did not know this woman. If I have to be involved in a political campaign, then I want to be involved in the political discussions. I want to be part of the strategy.

I am not interested in being sent to the parlor to talk about knitting.

This better not be what being the spouse of a politician is really all about.

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