Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thursday June 21 More job drama

Primo talked to his old boss. Old Boss (OB) does not want to lose Primo. Which I can understand. I don't want to lose him, either, although I have told him more than once that if he is going to die on me, please to make it be a work-related accident because that way, I get the maximum life insurance.

OB suggested that he and Primo's colleagues arrange coverage for when Primo needs to be gone.

Primo doesn't think that will work. Neither do I. But I think maybe there could be something in between not working at all and working 60 hours a week.

It would be really nice if he could drop back to part-time somehow. He says he would be distracted from the campaign. I would like to know what his days are going to need to look like. Will he be campaigning from 9:00 a.m. on all day long? He won't need to travel - the district is our town and the next town, so he might have to drive five miles.

No. He probably won't be working on the campaign at 9:00 a.m. He can't really start doing doors until 4 p.m. or so. So what is he supposed to do with that remaining time? I say, work part time!

I had my phone interview. Let's hope I get to the next stage. This place is only three miles from our house and right across the street from my YMCA.

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