Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunday June 24 Quid pro quo

Remember how annoyed I was that the woman for whose judicial campaign Primo had volunteered hours and hours didn't even answer Primo's email asking for help collecting nominating signatures? Not even an email to say, "Now that I'm a sitting judge, I cannot participate in partisan political activities?"

Not even a response from her husband, who is not a sitting judge?

I stewed about it because I felt as if they had used Primo and then blown him off when his usefulness was gone.

We saw the husband at the fundraiser last night.

One of the first things he said, after expressing his happiness at seeing us, was that he and his judge wife - well, he, because she cannot participate in partisan politics - intend to donate to Primo's campaign.

So I had to stop being cranky.

Which was fine, because the husband is a really nice guy and I like him.

Plus he let me pick a bunch of raspberries from the bushes in his back yard.

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