Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thursday June 21 Primo talks to his old boss about taking a leave of absence

The reality of what we might be doing is hitting Primo. "I'm scared," he said. "I'm scared of walking away from a really good job."

I told him it was about time he started being scared - that this was not a decision to take lightly.

I finally, last week, after thinking about it and looking at our savings and doing the numbers, decided that I would support Primo if he wants to quit his job. I had to force myself to realize that the purpose of life is not to accumulate as much money as you can, although I don't know that there is any amount in the bank (that is within our grasp) that would make me feel secure for life.

But thanks to my frugal lifestyle over the past years, we do have enough saved so that we could go a while without employment. I would not enjoy it. I do not like living on savings. Savings are for The Future. They are not for now.

But I told him that if he really wants to do this, he needs to do it right. His chances of winning are not strong to begin with. He only has a shot if he runs a serious, more than full time campaign.

So he called his old boss to feel him out about taking a leave of absence. That, of course, would be the ideal situation. We would have to pay for all the insurance in advance, but at least we would have it. The irony of it all is that the amount of pay that Primo would be giving up to run is about as much as he would make in one year as a legislator.

Deep breath. The purpose of life is not to accumulate money.

He is talking to the former boss now. Cross your fingers.

In other news, I have a phone interview this afternoon and an in-person interview tomorrow. It would be very useful if I could get a job.

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