Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friday Sept 7 Paradigm shift

Remember how I wrote that this is the part where the hero has to descend, has to lose, and has to return with renewed determination? That always happens - a hero is not interesting unless he is flawed in some way. We want to see him overcome those flaws.


I think Primo has had his revelation - his call to arms - his renewed determination.

We shall see.

He told me this morning that HE CAN NO LONGER STAY UP UNTIL 4:00 AM working! That he needs to start going to bed when I do and getting up when I leave for work. "I can't win this race if I'm exhausted," he said, "and I have to be on doors a lot earlier in the day. I have to focus."

Reader, it was music to my ears.

PS He also told me that he'd made an appointment to take the car in on Monday. Hallelujah.


  1. Seriously, when we have ideas, we need to give our men a head start of at least a week.And that's just to catch up with us. Another way of reading this is - his sex life is suffering, so he needs to try and arrange bed time around your schedule if he wants to have any chance of getting some. Ha!

    1. Yes- With Primo, I have to start planting the idea way in advance. He does not like to make decisions on the spur of the moment.