Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tuesday Sept 11 Primo's opponent has never run a real campaign before‏

The bad thing about Primo's opponent is that he has been in the job for only one term, so Primo can't run on the "Vote the entrenched guy out" platform.

However, the opponent (let's call him Buddy) has never run against a Polka Dot. He ran in the Stripes primary two years ago, but there was no Polka Dot opponent, so once he won the primary, he was in.

Running against people of your own party is very different from running against the other side.

Buddy has to know he has a challenger for the seat, but we don't know how he's campaigning. We have seen or heard no ads, although that doesn't mean there aren't any: we never watch TV (except for DVDs of Friday Night Lights and that hasn't happened for months) and I listen to my radio talk shows on podcasts now instead of in the car. Podcasts don't have ads. But we have gotten no mailers. We don't know what's going on.

The communications guys - Ralph and Potsie - think Primo should keep a low profile. Radio ads can be had for $8-$13 a spot.

I know! I had no idea! But there is some law blah blah blah. The radio station has to sell a certain number of ads for its lowest rate. Ralph thinks maybe we shouldn't do any radio right now so as not to alert Buddy. I suggested that we still buy a bunch of space and then use it all in the few days before the election, when it would be too late for Buddy to retailiate.

I would be so good if I would use my power for good instead of for the other side. I do tell other Stripes that I want my husband to win but nobody else on the Polka Dot side. I fugre as long as the PDs don't have the majority, they can't do much damage. I would be very happy with a small Stripe majority but not enough that they can do whatever they want. I think government works best when it is gridlocked. Then they can't do anything to us.


  1. That's cheap radio time - I'd be making the most of it. I don't think stealth tactics bring you to people's attention quickly enough. Has anybody checked that the incumbent isn't lying in a coma or dead etc? Is he so confident that he isn't even going to campaign? In which case, send him Samantha.

    1. I wish we could have had her work for the incumbent! But he is too smart for that.