Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saturday Sept 8 Campaigning during football season

My facebook conversation about this issue:

Post: Primo just realized he can't do doors during a Longhorns game. He has to do 100 doors a day at least, so this is going to throw everything off.

Primo: When working on someone else's campaign as a volunteer, the conventional wisdom is that one shouldn't knock on doors during a Longhorns game. As the candidate, I don't know whether I am supposed to ignore this "rule." In any event, this is a good reason to do more doors today.

Angela: But it's a perfect time to go to a local strip mall or shopping center of food store -- where non-Longhorns' watchers might be milling about....

Pat: I'm conflicted...

Gary: Go to the local bars...

Catie: @ Gary...that would annoy me even more if I was watching the game at a bar!

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