Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thursday Sept 6 Primo tells me that his campaign manager wants him to put $20,000 more into the campaign

I am sick to my stomach. This communications guy working with Samantha, whose big claim to fame is that he quit his job and moved into his parents' house to work on another campaign, wants Primo to put $20,000 into the campaign.

We should get it back in donations, he assures Primo.


Primo is already giving up almost four months' salary. He has put $7,500 of our money into this. Now $20,000?

If this guy is so good, I demand, tell him to come up with a plan where we don't spend that kind of money.

Tell him I want to see the data - I want proof that if we put up the cash, the campaign donations will follow because of increased awareness.

I do not want to do this.

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  1. I feel sick too! $20k? He and Samantha sound like a couple of losers, I wouldn't listen to a word they say.